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How does it work?

The Landlord and Park Grove Homes, enter into a Management Agreement or Lease Option Agreement, where the Landlord receives a fixed rent from Park Grove Homes for an agreed period. Park Grove Homes is then permitted to rent the property to it's guests and other reliable and vetted businesses or individuals on a long term basis.

What is a Management Agreement?

A management agreement is contractual arrangement in which a tenant/operator (i.e. Park Grove Homes) leases a property from a landlord. This type of agreement can be appealing to landlords who prefer to have a reliable tenant (i.e. Park Grove Homes) as we would assume the responsibility for managing the property and dealing with day-to-day guest-related issues.

What is a Lease Option Agreement?

Often referred to as a Rent to Buy agreement, an operator may propose a Lease Option Agreement to a Landlord to have the option to purchase the leased property at the end of the rental term for an agreed price. This type of agreement can be particularly beneficial for landlords who would like to sell their ageing assets or those who no longer wish to be a landlord.

Why Choose Us?

At Park Grove Homes we can provide you with:

  1. Guaranteed rent

We recognise that one of your main concerns when renting out your property to an individual renter is whether the rent will be paid on time, every month. We can provide you with peace of mind by guaranteeing your rent every month, with no void periods, for the full term of our management agreement.

  1. Full maintenance and repairs service

Our expert team and systemised approach allow us to reduce the risk of damage and ensure that your property is inspected on a regular basis and that repairs are handled promptly and with no cost to you. That means no more early-morning calls for broken lights, leaks, or tenant complaints.

  1. Peace of Mind

You can rest assured that your property and investment will be managed, maintained and enjoyed with care. We provide a source of passive income as well as peace of mind. Those staying with your property will be vetted and checked prior to their stay.

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86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE  |  T: 020 3989 8011
86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE
T: 020 3989 8011
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